Piglets Management

Alternatives to Castration: Looking to Piglets Welfare

Male piglet castration is a practice that has been carried out historically to avoid a sensory...

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How to produce piglets without zinc oxide

Post-weaning diarrhea (PWD) is caused by Escherichia coli and it causes local and systemic effects...

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How to manage colostrum for optimal piglet performance

Reducing piglet mortality is a main objective of correct farrowing unit management. The main causes...

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How to minimise Piglet Stress

All major events in a pig’s life cause stress. Pig farmers are usually focused on transport and...

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How to Reduce Piglet Mortality in the Farrowing Unit

The productivity of a pig herd is measured in terms of pigs (or kg) produced per sow per year....

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Cross-Fostering Piglets  During Lactation & Impact on Performance

With genetic improvements, sows can farrow bigger litters. So it is a common feature of modern pig...

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