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Productive and economic impact of pig lung lesions detected at slaughter

Detection of lung lesions in slaughtered pigs also allows estimation of economic losses.

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Climate settings largely determine the welfare of the animals (2/2)

For a good carefree ventilation in the pig stable, there are a number of points that should always...

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Climate settings largely determine the welfare of the animals (1/2)

In many pig barns it is too hot, and the concentrations of ammonia and carbon dioxide are too high....

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Enzootic Pneumonia, its importance in co-infections in swine and control strategies

Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae (M.hyopneumoniae) is one of the most important primary pathogens of the...

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Alternatives to Castration: Looking to Piglets Welfare

Male piglet castration is a practice that has been carried out historically to avoid a sensory...

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Coughing index and daily clinical health monitoring

The best treatment is the early treatment. This is as relevant to porcine respiratory disease as to...

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Economic impact of respiratory diseases in pigs

Diseases have an undoubted important economic impact for the pig industry worldwide, therefore...

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The importance of herd immunity on pig farms

Pig farming is a crucial industry worldwide, as pork has become the most consumed meat globally....

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Losses due to PRDC

Porcine Respiratory Disease Complex (PRDC) develops as a clinical manifestation of respiratory...

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How does the design of the farrowing unit affect the productivity of a sow herd

In any sow herd, the design of the farrowing unit is an essential issue for economic and productive...

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