A single injection gives piglets a better start

2 February 2022

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“A single injection against iron deficiency and coccidiosis in piglets. It saves me a lot of time and gives me more certainty than an oral treatment,” says Frans van Mourik.

He has been using this combination since June. “The results with the piglets are good. They are much pinker.

They grow well and are visibly more vital. Now that I no longer administer toltrazuril by mouth against coccidiosis, the piglets no longer gag and vomit. The switch to this combination  was very simple. Simply order a different container.”

Together with De Varkenspraktijk, successfully deployed on
hygiene and health

Frans van Mourik and his family have a farm with 420 sows and 120 dairy cattle in the Buren in Gelderen. He has worked with De
Varkenspraktijk for two years. It is going well. “Together with De
Varkenspraktijk, we have fully focused on hygiene and health in our company. For two years now, this has yielded an interesting growth in piglets.”

The piglets are nice and pink and typical fat diarrhoea is no longer present

Frans van Mourik studied at the HAS in Den Bosch. Among other
things, he focused on iron in newborn piglets.

“Since then, iron in piglets has held my interest. I follow the developments. . Because I am responsible for the sows on my own, my time is limited. Now that I inject iron as well as toltrazuril against coccidiosis in one treatment, I am done quickly. One injection is much less burdensome for the piglets.

I treat them 24 to 96 hours after birth. Administering toltrazuril against coccidiosis by injection is more effective than via the jaws.

Piglets can no longer spit out the administered product. Fatty diarrhoea, after a day or 10, no longer happens at our company. This combination contains gleptoferron as the working iron component. I pay a little more for it, but the piglets absorb it much better than iron dextran-based medicines.

The piglets are nice and pink.” My own time and better piglets are worth a lot to me Frans: “I am very pleased with the way things are going now. We do the breeding ourselves and fatten our piglets via feed mill construction. In other words, more and better piglets mean a lot to us. The Betuwe is a pig-poor region. Then it has to be possible to deliver healthy, high-quality piglets. My own time and better piglets are worth a lot to me!” 

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